Designing for You


The Skinny Wallet is a reimagination of the wallet as a personal space. Its clear and ordered design is what evokes an experience of intimacy not seen before in wallets. By reordering the hierarchy of elements in the traditional wallet, it intuitively becomes just you and the things you care about the moment you open it. Touch is central to the design from the way it is used to the way it feels.

The Skinny Wallet is crafted to show you only what is important. Everything else is tucked away. Over time, the material forms a patina and shape, conditioned by daily usage to create a wallet that is truly unique to you. It is made with the minimum material possible and its size is just right for daily use. Every detail has been lovingly thought through, its sophistication in its simplicity.

We hope you will be delighted too





Our closest memories are captured through photos in our everyday lives. Skinny wallet is a reimagination of a personal space, stripping away excess to reveal only what is important; these memories that we carry with us daily.



Everything else is tucked away to enable the unobtrusive design. Touch is central to the user experience. When an element doesn't need to be there, it's not there.