Team Shiok

Leon Yzelman

Leon is currently jugging a few balls at once, his architectural career, aquascaping, a few pots of plants and dreaming up the next delightful object to play with. And for some reason, he loves paper, and touching things.

He believes that good design should share an intimacy with its user, be in touch with everyday life and serve humans, (not the robots).

When he isn’t working, he is probably DIY-ing is room or serving up some aces at a tennis court.


Kelvin Ng

Kelvin grew to love art since young. From vandalizing the walls of his home back then to his mega structure lego masterpieces and finally exploring the realm of architecture now. Slowly but surely, being a designer is his calling. 

Born and raised in Singapore, Kelvin was bred with a heartland chill. He enjoys occasion coffee shop talks with his kakis. He believes that this is where great ideas can often spin off from over such casual session of kopi. 

Besides designing, sometimes he secretly thinks he has a hidden talent in culinary, Maybe.. one day...


Say Hello !

Drop us a message at or, connect with Shiok on instagram at @shiokmoments and facebook at @shiokcollaborative .